Pointe Shoe Fittings

The Dancewear Center is known for excellent Pointe shoe fittings. We have over 25 years of experience fitting Pointe shoes and we have one of the largest inventories and the greatest selection of Pointe shoes in the Northwest.

When coming for a fitting please bring your old Pointe shoes and any padding and spacers you use.

For Pointe shoe fittings Tuesday-Saturday no appointment is necessary, please arrive by 5:20 during the week and by 4:20 on Saturdays, so we have time to fit you before we close.


We are open a few Sundays a year. On Sundays you do need an appointment for fittings.

Check the calendar for our next Sunday Opening


Teachers/Schools: If you have a group of students you want to bring in for Pointe or Demi Pointe fittings please call us so we can schedule a time based on the number of students.

We look forward to helping you get an excellent fitting.

Remember, once you're done growing and settle in a size and style shoe we offer a discount when buying 3 or more pairs of the same shoe at a time.

Marv and Patrice